Cost Efficiency Consultancy

New Business Start-Ups, Sole Traders, Partnerships & Limited Companies

Would you like to increase effciency within your business ?

Decrease direct costs and overheads ?     Increase cash flow and profitability ?

Provide your staff with the skills and knowledge to continue cost efficiency in your business ?

………… then   J D Figures have the skills, knowledge and experience to share with you as a Business Partner to increase efficiencies, decrease costs and put business cost saving techniques into your business so you and your staff can maintain Cost  Efficiency

  • Free Audit and Analysis of your existing costs
  • All work prepared on a No Savings No Fees basis – we will show you where you can make efficiencies and savings, no obligation for you to undertake the proposals – if you decide you do not want to continue, there will be no fees charged
  • Totally Independent review – we do not promote any other company, we analyse your needs and search the market to satisfy those needs for all bought in services  – all clients are different, therefore all business needs are individual
  • Typical areas that cost businesses money are Utilities, Telecommunications, Printing, Purchasing and Stock, Waste Efficiencies in the Workplace – Machinery Utilisation, Labour Efficiencies

Benefits to your business will include:

Improved Business Performance             Improved Employee Morale             Improved Productivity

Reduction in Waste Efficiencies               Maximise Profits & Cash Flow         Continuous Improvement

You focus on your business needs, let  J D Figures focus on your cost saving efficiencies – you can only gain from this service, if we cannot save you money we will gladly walk away and there will be no fees charged.